Okay, for a while now I’ve wanted to start a blog, ever since I read Zoella’s books – Girl Online (I love her YouTube btw). Even though I’m not entirely sure what ill write about, after re-reading her first book I thought what am I scared of and what is stopping me? A few things came to mind –

1) What if people don’t read my blog? My response: so what? At least its out there and off my chest.

2) What if people take the mick? My response: I’ll make it anonymous (hence the name “SecretGirl02”).

3) What if I run out of things to say? My response: there is always something on my mind and if not I’ll make cakes and write about it for heavens sake, I can put anything on here. Well, almost… 🙂

If you’ve been contemplating starting a blog, then I challenge you to do what I did and just go for it because you can’t let fear hold you back in life or you’ll never get anywhere. Join the blogging community and have fun with it.

There are a few things I want to say though. Firstly, I’m anonymous because I want to be and I don’t want my family or friends reading my thoughts because, to me, that’s just plain weird. Also if you’ve managed to find this blog and read it, then thank you. Its nice to know I’m not just rambling on to myself on the internet, but I doubt many people will have seen it. Anyways I think that’s it for now so check in soon for another post.

BrilliantBlondeBlogger signing out 🙂