So I guess this is my first official post so I hope you like (if anyone’s reading – lol).

Me and my friend (I want to give her a nickname for future references😂 sooo she’s called SkaterGirl), we were talking and the topic ended up on things that are just strange when you think of it properly. So that inspired today’s post 🙂

5 things that are actually weird when you think about it

1. Eating 

Like there’s food on the plate and you shove it in a hole in your face… Then it’s gone. Not on the plate anymore.

2. Styling hair

I said earlier that I liked SkaterGirl’s hair and then she said its weird how we style it in different ways.  Why can’t everyone be bald?  We wouldn’t have to take time to style it and it would be the norm because everyone would be bald.  It would get chilly in winter though…

3. Make up

It’s basically like putting paint on your face. Weird when you think of it like that.

4. Tattoos

Tattoos… Isn’t that just stabbing a needle in you and squirting ink in your skin cells. Not sure cuz I don’t have a tattoo but ??

5. Hair part 2 (see step 2)

Also on hair,  in general women have longer hair than men but like who invented that?  Who was the first guy to get his hair  cut short? And who was the first girl to grow hers out?  Who stated these crazy trends?!?!?

I dont know if this post was a bit weird but SkaterGirl just got me thinking earlier. See you soon!

BrilliantBlondeBlogger signing out x